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Bring all your internet marketing under one roof and all designed with your particular business in mind!

Email Marketing

Effectively market to your guests beyond just sending the same message to all your subscribers.

New Sunshine Solutions


Send to specific groups based on their behavior. Segment your data for more effective email sends and easily track the success of your campaign.

New Sunshine Solutions


Send triggered messages automatically. Just set it up and let it work!

New Sunshine Solutions


The Hub is integrated with SunLync and Helios v.12 to allow you to easily update and send information directly from your Point of Sale!

Did You Know?

  • Ages 25-34 are now more likely to access email via cell phone.
  • Mobile Email usage has increased close to 40% over the past year.
  • People are accessing their email via mobile device more than ever!

Mobile Marketing

Customized Keywords for your marketing efforts.

Easy to Use System to drive traffic now and send messages out immediately

New Sunshine Solutions

Did You Know?

  • 97% of all text messages are read within the first three minutes.
  • 95% of 18-24 year olds text.
  • 98% of all phones sold are SMS enabled.

Social Media Manager

Easy to use platform to help you manage your social media efforts.

SCHEDULE POSTS, LINKS AND PHOTOS in advance across Facebook and Twitter.

New Sunshine Solutions

TRACK ENGAGEMENT and reach of your messages.

New Sunshine Solutions

Did You Know?

  • There are Over 900 Million Users on Facebook
  • And Over 500 Million Users on Twitter

Social Web Builder

New Sunshine Solutions

Easy to use Content Management System for quick changes and updates.

New Sunshine Solutions

Professionally built templates specifically designed for your business.

New Sunshine Solutions

Mobile Optimized for all Smartphones.

Video Platform with content pre-loaded from New Sunshine, plus the ability to add custom videos.

Salon Stream

Internet TV for your Salon

A powerful way to captivate and entertain your guests while promoting your products and services.

You choose the content, you choose the frequency!

Movie Trailers and Music Videos

Entertainment content updated weekly.

Employee Training

New Sunshine Trainers will walk your through each of the products on your channel.

Custom Ads

We'll help you get your message across on your channel.

Product Ads

The newest ads from Australian Gold, Kardashian's, JWOWW, Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty and California Tan professionally produced and added automatically to your Salon Stream Channel.

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