With clients across the US and Canada (and soon Europe!), we're thankful for our clients. See what a few of them have to say below.

"The Helios Marketing Hub has been a tremendous help in streamlining my marketing efforts. I can now go to one place and coordinate everything at once (email, FaceBook & Twitter). I am also able to schedule all of these things in advance so I don’t have to be strapped to my computer to announce a promotion. The best part is I can finally utilize the priceless information we have within our Helios POS and market effectively (birthdays, first visit, certain purchases, etc…). It has made my marketing so much more efficient & effective! I only wish I had it years ago!"Celsius Tan

"The Hub has designed emails for me to send out, they have converted my database and guided me with anything that has come up. The BEST thing about The Hub is how quick they are with handling ALL aspects of my marketing. Of course their customer service has always been stellar, but no matter how last minute I am with sending out an email - it gets done on time because of how diligent they handle my account. I am completely satisfied with The Hub and the results I receive from my emails." Glow the Bronzing Studio

"I am super impressed with the speed at which I can send an email in less than an hour to reach my 5,000+ customers! I love this service!"Havana Tan – Schaumburg, IL

"I can’t say enough about the customer service I have received in utilizing the Hub. My questions are always answered immediately & someone is always available to walk me through anything I have a question on or to help me with design to make my marketing more effective." Celsius Tan

"We use the hub. LOVE IT! The best part is the auto campaigns. I have an email sent to every new client the day after their first visit for a free gift, an email sent to everyone on their bday, another each time they refer someone, another if their EFT is declined, & it has been a life saver during inclement weather. The best part is that it is all AUTOMATICALLY DONE. We've had a better collection rate on EFT's & overall customer satisfaction."

Also, we have a feature product everyday & a calendar made each month for it, so I can just go on the hub & set up an automatic FB & twitter post about the product for the entire month." Glow

"Just want to take a quick second to let you know that the Hub with text messaging is a great program. Just yesterday I had a customer tell me she looks forwards to our text messages which told me we were totally on the right track for marketing to our customer base. But then to top it off a new customer came in because she was with her friend who received one of our text message on a special we were running and she wanted to get the deal before it ended. How awesome is it to get sale, and a new customer, from a text message who wasn't even signed up on the text messages at the time! Also great for creating a sense of urgency and driving sales." Gold & Bare Tanning

"We signed up for The Hub hoping that we would be able to reach a few more of our customers. We didn't realize what an impact it would make for our business. The same day that we released our new website, we had several new customer sign ups. They all commented on how great our website was and that is one of the reasons they chose our salon over others. That was just day 1! It has continued to impress and grow our business on a daily basis. The creation of the website was easy, the support we received along the way was top notch as well. Our texting club has grown by leaps and bounds too. We couldn't image using any other marketing hub out there. Warning: only sign up for this if you are ready to grow your business!" Sun Seekers

Salon Stream

"Having Salon Stream in our Salon has livened up our lobby, provided us professional ads to help us increase lotion sales and further separated us from our competitors. It was easy to set up and the guys over at Salon Stream have been more than helpful with helping us customize our channel. We love it." Beaches Corp

"Golden Tan has certainly had a face lift with the new implementation of Salon Stream. As a whole Salon Stream adds energy, excitement, and sense of tying consumers interest into the products we offer. Our customers, staff, and owners have loved the quality, music selection, product placement, and experience Salon Stream has created. We would love to install Salon Stream into all of our other Golden Tan locations!" Golden Tan